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Artist: John Dispennette

Artist John Dispennette is a Florida Native. Growing up in the backcountry of Florida near the Alafia River has led John on a lifelong learning experience of our outdoor heritage. John learned to study his surroundings and be creative with it at a very early age.

John Dispennette
John Thomas Dispennette

John Thomas Dispennette

“Since our world is filled with exciting and inspiring reasons to create, I am lucky to be an Artist. My name is John Dispennette I’m an Artist from Florida. As many folks do, I love to get out and explore my surroundings. Growing up in the beautiful state of Florida was a true blessing. I quickly learned to take advantage of such a phenomenal and diverse landscape as a source of inspiration. If you are an outdoor artist you will always find ways to ply the craft of Art in Florida.”

John paints murals, canvas and repurposed pallets using acrylic paint. He is constantly learning more about the world of art everyday.


Deviant Art
When John was in school he learned many life lessons from being in the FFA. He has spent much energy donating time and giving back to their cause as well as other organizations.

One of his greatest teachers was his Grandfather. He learned good work ethics and work organizational skills from him. “Everything has a place and everything in its place” around a workshop, and many other helpful phrases is what he instilled into John.


Deer Skull Painting

The World

Artist John Dispennette Ten Thousand Islands Casting

When you look at the world through your own eyes and describe it to yourself on canvas, you are a true artist no matter what your skill level. However, it doesn’t matter if you are just beginning. Therefore, as long as you are creating no one can take away that feeling. Those steps towards accomplishment are consequently sweeter.

Ultra Premium Commission Artist

Artist John Thomas Dispennette




Florida Outdoors Artist John Dispennette, grew up near Tampa, FL along the Alafia River. Inspired by the people and places that he connects with, the better the connection, the more art transpires through him.


Cowboy Sky



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Never Create Without The Right Stuff

Artist John Dispennette

Artist John Dispennette


The Big and Wild Outdoors Radio Show

with Braden Gunn and Glenn Kinman

Artist John Dispennette BIG AND WILD RADIO SHOW

“Listen In Live on Sat Mornings”


Art Samples

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Pallet Paintings

Mural Paintings

Canvas Paintings

Artist John Dispennette

Moonshining Gator

Meeting New People

Artist John Dispennette with Hawg Dawg Girls

Artist John Dispennette with Hawg Dawg Girls



“Hanging out and meeting new people is one of my favorite pastimes because it’s a great way to learn. Most of all, enjoy the creativity this life has to offer. Thanks for stopping by” -J. Dispennette.




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