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Saltwater-Fishing-License-Florida Fis...

Saltwater-Fishing-License-Florida Fishermen’s Paradise

Saltwater-Fishing-License-Florida Saltwater-Fishing-License-Florida is the first thing you’ll need when planning any saltwater fishing trip in Florida. ¬†Click above to get your¬†Saltwater-Fishing-License-Florida on line. Florida Spiny Lobster Art Original art by Florida Artist John Dispennette. In fact, this is a reclaimed shipping pallet featuring a Florida Spiny Lobster scene. Furthermore, this piece of art was painted […]

Hood Rain. The rain on my hood at sun...

Hood Rain. The rain on my hood at sunset, water droplets.

Sunset rain on truck hood Rain on my truck hood. Every once in a while I break out my photo skills. Today I took one of my hood right at sunset. Creative moments happen in a flash. If you are in tune with your surroundings and prepared to take action quickly you can capture moments […]

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