Works of Art


Artworks-Dispennette creates art for the outdoor enthusiast. Using action and vitality as part of every piece is the Hallmark of John’s work.




Mural Works

John Thomas Dispennette Painting Mural Artworks-Dispennette

John Thomas Dispennette Painting Mural

Large scale art,Murals and painting on structures is a specialty of John. He excels at painting large scale murals, this is his passion. His first “Mural” was done when he was about 5, he painted the words “Shed” on all four exterior walls of his Father’s newly built outbuilding. His Father was less than pleased, however it was a precursor of things to come.

Canvas Works

Fierro Rancheros

Fierro Rancheros

A premium product of Dispennette Artworks is Canvas-art. It takes the most time and has the most detail. The passion to create is a driving force to be reckoned with. Quantity means way less to John in his process of creating art than quality does. There would be no personal touch if producing art was like an assembly line. Painting canvases allows an artist to experiment between the fine line of the physical confines of the tangible canvas and the vastness of the intangible mind.


Moonshine Pallet Painting Pallet-art Artworks-Dispennette

Moonshine Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Pallet-Art, John has found a very creative way to recycle pallets. Turn them into beautiful works of art. Growing up with basically a non-existent budget helped John find other ways to be creative. He learned to work from his grandfather, “everything has a place, and everything in it’s place”, or ” waste not, want not”. We’ve all heard these sayings in the past and John put them to good use through creative works.

Animation – Robotics – Music

Animation - Robotics - Music

Animation – Robotics – Music

Another natural part of the creative world for John is Sound and Motion. Playing drums/percussion since he was 17 has taken him on many undertakings. Being part of a band makes you a more diversified individual. By performing live in front of crowds it enhances your skills and your confidence.

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