Canvas-art is the premium product of Dispennette Artworks. It has the most detail and takes the most time.  The passion to create is a driving force to be reckoned with. John likes to create quality rather than quantity. If producing art was like an assembly line there would be no personal touch to it. Painting canvases allows an artist to experiment between the fine line of the physical confines of the tangible canvas and the vastness of the intangible mind.


John-Thomas-Dispennette-Gator-Airboat-Scene-Painting Canvas-Art

John Thomas Dispennette Moonshining

“This is one of my favorite canvases. I painted it after a weekend on Lake Kissimmee. I entered in into the State-Wide Art Contest at the Florida Strawberry Festival. It took 1st place! Someone bought the original almost immediately”
Here are a few examples of Canvas-Art….. Click to enlarge.

Owning Originals

Purchasing a one of a kind original canvas art is an investment for some. Folks that buy John’s art are usually individuals who want something that adds a lot more to a room than production art can. Identifying with the themes he paints or the color and layout is what has earned John many repeat customers. John’s Canvas-Art resonates with outdoor enthusiast. He likes to portray action and vitality in his art. They make great gifts for friends and relatives. The positive effects of owning original artwork enriches the environment of any living space. Many folks enjoy curating their own unique feel by purchasing original canvases. Art is inspiring and allows us to view our world through the eyes of others which can trigger new meanings to our dreams.
Original Art for sale “SkyWay”

Original Art




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