Pallet-Art …John has found a way to recycle pallets in a very creative way….. Turn them into beautiful works of art. Growing up with basically a non-existent budget helped John find other ways to be creative. He learned to work from his grandfather, “everything has a place, and everything in it’s place”, or ” waste not, want not”. We’ve all heard these sayings in the past and John put them to good use through creative works.

Florida Spiny Lobster Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Florida Spiny Lobster Pallet-art

Moonshine Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Moonshine Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Recycle Repurpose

John has been working with recycled wood since he was 17. In about 1989 he was sitting around his grandfather’s wood shop and thought … what happens to all the wood that people throw away at construction sites? So he began to research and found it was being wasted by sending it to the landfill via dumpster. That is a huge no no for John. He began to salvage all the wood he could find from anywhere he was allowed repurposing was on the horizon.

Deer Skull Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Deer Skull Pallet-Art

Camoflage-Creek-Pallet-Painting Pallet-art

Camoflage-Creek Pallet-Art


Salvage and Beautify

These pallets are salvaged, cleaned and prepped for painting. Then John works his magic on them by visualizing what he thinks will look best on each individual pallet. The outcome is what you see here. Beautiful recycled pallets with art on them. Most of John’s work is centered around outdoor themes. This is what he grew up with, being outdoors with his Dad fishing or camping, going to the rodeo with his brother, hunting with friends.

Turkey Gobbling Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Turkey Gobbling Pallet-Art

Bull Skull Pallet Painting Pallet-art

Bull Skull Pallet-Art

Creating environmentally friendly art comes naturally to John. He cares about the outdoors and loves to be creative. In an effort to accomplish both of these paradigms painting on recycled wood is the best of both worlds. We invite you to take a look at John’s work on this website, send him a message or share on social media.

Redfish Tail Pallet Painting Pallet-art


Snook-Big-Pallet-Painting Pallet-art


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