Art Destinations

Traveling within our state to find art inspiration.

Art Destinations



1. Plan a one day trip that costs less than $100.00

2. Make the trip less than 8 hours. Refer to the Internet and plan your route accordingly.

3. Pack a cooler with simple storage in mind. Candy bar, bologna sandwich and a Mountain Dew can get me a long way.

4. I’m kidding you better bring more food than that … I’ll starve! …o that’s right I’m not going with you.

5. Make sure all batteries and chargers are all accounted for and charged the previous night.

6. Also make sure to bring a good paper map or gazetteer. Some times the most beautiful of places are the most remote with no signal.

7. Try to pick out a destination that is a State Park or other “sanctioned” wildlife areas. At least until you get the hang of it.


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Try out these links for picture taking near and afar.

Art Destinations

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