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Fish-Art-Prints-Florida and Originals

Fish-Art-Prints-Florida and Originals by John Dispennette can bring life to any living space. His use of bright colors and one of kind styling has been often imitated but never duplicated. John uses vivid light and lines to produce eye-catching results in his paintings and designs. He started out developing his style of art while building 3-Dimensional wooden pictures from scraps of wood in his grandfathers workshop.

Dispennette Artworks Redfish Girl

Dispennette Artworks Redfish Girl

I guess you can’t escape your own destiny, if doors keep opening up and they are all heading in the same direction, don’t deny your own future by not moving forward… -John D..”

Starting around age 5 John began redrawing everything his eyes touched, vehicles, people, plants, cartoons, there was no limit to his curiosity.

By age 17 he started turning his talent into real products. When he was in his twenties he was selling all types of art. About 1997¬†he got into making decals and tshirts, selling them online and at outdoor events. His first website…backcountrydesigns.com

He Sparked a Decal and Tshirt Revolution

“It was absolutely amazing to live thru” says John. “Everywhere I went people were chasing me down at the gas station, at the McDonald’s, basically anytime I was out in public.” They wanted his decal designs that he had displayed prominently on his back window. John began to travel the south selling his decals “Bayed Up” , “Deer Skull” , “Redfish Tail” just to name a few. He was on a roll and was living a dream. He turned his skill into painting murals and canvases, selling prints and originals as fast as he could muster them.

Fish-Art-Prints-Florida and Originals

Deer Skull Decal

This deer skull is an example of what John was doing when he sparked a decal and outdoor merchandise revolution. This and many other designs he made were consequently copied, stolen, and plagiarized. Click the link below to see more of his pivotal designs.

John’s Pivotal Designs


Moonshining Gator

Tragedy Strikes

It seemed that John could do no wrong at this point. He was doing what he loved and things were going way better than expected. He went to an event one weekend and his booth was so busy it took him 20 minutes just to make his way out of his own booth for a lunch break and another 20 to get back in. “I never seen anything like it in my life!”, he exclaims.

Then one night while he was out with some friends the unthinkable happened. John was involved in a serious head trauma. He started having seizures immediately and was rushed to the Hospital. The doctors told him and his family he might not make it. His brain was swelling and creating pressure inside the cranial cavity. At the last possible moment before the Doctor was about to have to perform a risky drilling operation into John’s Skull the swelling ceased. The nurse gave John some medicine the night before and it started to work. However he wasn’t out of the woods yet.




It took John almost a year of speech therapy to get back to near normal speaking capacity. Which was great since the doctors initially told him that he might never speak again or be incapacitated. One thing that was revealed to him thru his recovery -his art ability had increased exponentially. He was able to draw, create, and paint at a whole new level.


John Painting

Back To The Future

After a long road of getting back on his feet literally and figuratively John has made huge strides in his art career. Ideas that were inconceivable to him in the old days are now with in his reach. He learned many lessons from his past experience and took his time honing his skills.

Current Galleries

Pallet Art Paintings

Florida Spiny Lobster Pallet Painting

Florida Spiny Lobster Pallet Painting

These pieces of art are made from old shipping pallets. Then they are painted with acrylic paint and feature popular outdoor art themes.
*Click the pic for more examples

Murals / Large Scale Art


Sailfish Bar

Mural Painting is John’s Pride and Joy. Then they are custom painted with acrylic paint and feature customer requested themes.
*Click the pic for more examples

Canvas Paintings

SkyWay Fish-Art-Prints-Florida


Canvas Paintings can require a lot of time and detail to make them believable. One of John’s Hallmarks is to produce the best quality art that he can.

*Click the pic for more examples

Fish-Art-Prints-Florida and Originals by John Dispennette look fantastic bringing color and interest to anyplace. Make your outdoors memories come alive with a custom art piece or see through the eyes of a Florida Artist known as John Dispennette.

  • Pool Areas
  • Home Bars
  • Man Caves
  • Boat Houses
  • Barns


John Thomas Dispennette

John Thomas Dispennette

“Hello I’m John Dispennette. I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my website. *Please Share* if you have a few moments to do so. Also, please feel free to make comment(s) or send me an email. Creating Fish-Art-Prints-Florida and Originals is my passion. I love meeting new folks and hearing about their fishing adventures and other outdoor experiences.”

Original Art Examples

Colorful Sea TurtleColorful Sea Turtle
Florida Spiny Lobster Pallet PaintingFlorida Spiny Lobster Pallet Painting
John Thomas Dispennette Painting wall 1John Thomas Dispennette Painting wall 1
John Thomas Dispennette Turkey RoadJohn Thomas Dispennette Turkey Road
Deer BarnDeer Barn
Antique DistilleryAntique Distillery
Okeechobee Camp CookerOkeechobee Camp Cooker
Beer Can IslandBeer Can Island
Bull Skull Pallet PaintingBull Skull Pallet Painting
Face Fear Deer Dragon Pallet PaintingFace Fear Deer Dragon Pallet Painting
Dallas Bull Logo Dance Floor PaintingDallas Bull Logo Dance Floor Painting
Dallas Bull Mural Bar 2Dallas Bull Mural Bar 2
Dallas Bull-Mural-Banquet-RoomDallas Bull-Mural-Banquet-Room
Dallas Bull Mural Bar 1Dallas Bull Mural Bar 1
Deer Cross Hairs DesignDeer Cross Hairs Design
Miami Mahi John Thomas DispennetteMiami Mahi John Thomas Dispennette
Deer DevilDeer Devil
Night Fence Deer Jump John Thomas DispennetteNight Fence Deer Jump John Thomas Dispennette

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