Local Artist Tampa Bay Area Florida John Dispennette

Local Artist Tampa Bay Area John Dispennette

Local Artist Tampa Bay Area John Dispennette

Local Artist Tampa Bay Area John Dispennette
Looking for 100% Florida Outdoors Art. You have come to the right place. Local Artist Tampa Bay Area Florida John Dispennette is who you are looking for. The style of his art is recognizably Florida. John likes to experiment with any type of art he comes across. He excels at painting large scale murals but also very skilled with canvas, milkjugs, sawblades basically anything that will let paint stick to it. John Dispennette is also into computer art/video and software development. He is presently working on the software for a Science cartoon based computer game.

Sailfish Bar Mural John Dispennette

Sailfish Bar Mural John Dispennette






Sailfish, lobster, sharks, Florida has it all when it comes to saltwater experiences with wildlife. Imagine a world where you can visualize your own Florida and create what you want. John can help you wade thru the ideas in your mind and get it down on canvas or drywall, stone, metal or wood.

Music and art go hand and hand as far as John is concerned so playing drums in the Randall Crawford Band #randallcrawfordband recently has been the way for John to connect with people in a music setting. John learned how to play drums mid teens and had been in bands on stage on trailers on boats.. wherever the opportunity for music and fun present themselves.

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Local Artist Tampa Bay Area Florida John Dispennette has been an inspiration to much of the current Florida Wildlife trends in art/graphics. John began to make his mark in the Florida art scene when he was in his late teens he began to sell his first pieces of art to the public.

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Tampa Bay Area Florida Local Artist John Dispennette


Beer Can Island

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John Dispennette has many interests, viewpoints, and perspectives concerning art, wild life and they are ready for your enjoyment, criticism or appreciation. Art is meant to be viewed, opinion is usually an afterthought and true passion knows no obstructions.
John’s subject matter has a wide variation but you can always identify his signature style that is wrought from many years of inspiration in the Florida Outdoors.


John Dispennette was certified by the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL in September of 2016 as a Full Stack Web Developer. With this knowledge John can now utilize his extensive creative experience to develop Websites, Web Applications, Phone Applications, Video Games and much more.

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