Web Development has become a very popular line of work in the world of computers, it was a natural fit for John Dispennette since he has many years of experience in graphic art and design.

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John has been working with computers most all of his life. Experimenting with gaming turned into graphic design and video editing, which eventually turned into software programming/ web design.

John recently graduated from the University of Central Florida and is now a certified Full Stack Web Developer.

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“I guess you can’t escape your own destiny, if doors keep opening up and they are all heading in the same direction, don’t deny your own future by not moving forward.”




The future of software developing is wide open, as more individuals begin to use handheld/ mobile internet devices the frontiers get even bigger. Websites are becoming more intuitive and user friendly with breakthroughs in user experience occurring all the time. Web Development moves quickly, companies like Google and Facebook are investing huge amounts of time, energy, and money into projects for big data storage, artificial intelligence and much more. Who knows where emerging technologies will take us to. Experts in the field of computers tell us that what we are seeing now is only the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to expand upon that we can’t even begin to imagine what the next generations will be able to accomplish. We are in a unique time concerning humanity, communication around the world has reached an almost unbelievable state. It’s hard to fathom that less than 100 years ago we didn’t even have television. Now we have smartphones that link to satellites in outer space to give us GPS coordinates allowing us to travel to our destinations without fail. What’s next… time travel?

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